Multi-Camera Editing
Multi-Camera Editing
The Multi-Camera Editor lets you create professional-looking video compilations from footage of events that have been captured on different cameras, from different angles.
The easy multi-view workspace lets you synchronize the clips and edit on the fly, as the video clips play back simultaneously—up to *six cameras. With a simple click, you can switch from one video clip to another in the same way a broadcast studio switches from one camera to another to capture a different angle or element of a scene.
Footage can be captured on a wide range of video recording devices, such as action cameras, drone cameras, DSLRs, or smartphones. You can also include audio captured independently on a microphone.
*Number of cameras depends on the version of the software you have.
This section contains the following topics:
The Multi-Camera Editor workspace
Basic steps in multi-camera editing
Importing video and audio clips into the Multi-Camera Editor
Synchronizing video and audio clips in multi-camera projects
Choosing an audio source for your multi-camera project
Editing multiple clips to create a multi-camera compilation
Adding picture-in-picture (PIP) in the Multi-Camera Editor
Managing multi-camera source files
Saving and exporting your multi-camera project
Using Smart Proxy with the Multi-Camera Editor