Multi-Camera Editing : Basic steps in multi-camera editing
Basic steps in multi-camera editing
The following steps provide a basic overview of the multi-camera editing process.
1 Import the video and audio clips that you want to use into the VideoStudio Library. Typically these are multiple clips that capture the same event, at the same time.
2 Choose the clips in the Library and import them into the Multi-Camera Editor.
3 Synchronize the clips across the timeline. You can do this automatically if all the clips have audio, but there are a range of methods you can use for synchronization.
4 Choose the audio you want to keep (if you are using the original audio). You can choose a separate audio track as well.
5 Start building your multi-camera compilation. You can play all the clips simultaneously, and in the multi-view pane, click the “Camera” that you want to show. You can switch clips as many times as you like. The selected footage displays in the main preview pane. You can then review your project in the Multi-Camera track and fine-tune it.
6 Save and exit the Multi-Camera Editor to return to VideoStudio and output the project.
Important! It’s recommended that you finish your multi-camera editing before you exit the Multi-Camera Editor. Changes that you make to your project in another editor might not be supported if you re-open the project in the Multi-Camera Editor. This means that some changes will be reverted.