Multi-Camera Editing : Choosing an audio source for your multi-camera project
Choosing an audio source for your multi-camera project
After you import and synchronize your clips in the Multi-Camera Editor, you can make some decisions about the audio for your project. For example, if you have four video clips, and they all include audio, it is recommended that you listen to each clip individually, and choose the one that has the best sound quality. You can also choose to use a separate audio clip.
Other options let you use the audio from all clips, none of the clips, or switch audio (Auto) when you switch cameras, a choice you might make to take advantage of the audio captured with sport or other action footage.
By default, the audio for Camera 1 is selected.
To choose an audio source for your multi-camera project
1 With your clips displaying in the Multi-Camera Editor timeline, on the toolbar, click the Main Audio box and choose a Camera or Audio clip. Click Play to listen the quality of the audio for each clip.
2 Choose the Camera or Audio clip that you want to use for your project. The audio from all other tracks will be muted.
Other options include:
Auto — Switches the audio to match the clip that you are playing
None — No audio is included in the multi-camera project. You can add your audio in VideoStudio, after you leave the Multi-Camera Editor.
All Cameras — Plays audio from all clips, simultaneously
Tip: If you plan to edit the audio after you exit the Multi-Camera Editor, please note that the setting you choose in Main Audio determines what tracks will be available as audio tracks in VideoStudio.