Multi-Camera Editing : Saving and exporting your multi-camera project
Saving and exporting your multi-camera project
When you finish building your multi-camera project, you can save it so that it can be edited, exported, and shared from VideoStudio.
Important! It’s recommended that you finish your multi-camera editing before you exit the Multi-Camera Editor. Changes that you make to your project in VideoStudio might not be supported if you re-open the project in the Multi-Camera Editor. This means that some changes will be reverted.
To save your multi-camera project
Click the OK button at the bottom of the window to save your project to the current name (as indicated in the upper-right corner of the window). This also closes the Multi-Camera Editor.
If you want to rename your project, before you exit, click the Settings button , choose Save As, and type a name in the Project name box.
Your multi-camera project appears in the VideoStudio Library.
To open your multi-camera project (.vsp) in VideoStudio, in the Edit workspace, drag your multi-camera project from the Library to the Timeline. By default, the project appears as a composite clip. To expand the clip to work with individual tracks, hold the Shift key when you drag the project from the Library and drop it in the Timeline.