Multi-Camera Editing : Managing multi-camera source files
Managing multi-camera source files
You can use the Source Manager to add and remove video and audio clips from tracks in your multi-camera project. You can also view information about the clips, such as the duration of the clip, clip location, and you can lock or unlock tracks.
To add, remove or manage clips with the Source Manager
1 In the upper left corner of the timeline, click the Source Manager button .
2 In the Source Manager dialog box, do any of the following:
Click the Lock/Unlock button for a track to unlock a track for editing or to lock a track to prevent editing.
To add a clip to a track, select a track, click the Add Clips button , navigate to the clip you want to add, and click Open. The clip appears in the numbered list for the track.
To delete clips from a track, select a track, in the list of clips for that track, mark the check box next to the clips that you want to delete, and click the Delete button .