Audio : Using the Sound Mixer
Using the Sound Mixer
The key to making narrations, background music, and existing audio of your video clips blend well together is to control the relative volume of your clips.
To blend the different audio tracks in your project
1 Click the Sound Mixer button on the Toolbar.
Note: If the Audio Type is set to 3/2 in the Project Properties Audio Settings, the Surround Sound Mixer is displayed. If the Audio Type is set to 2/0 Stereo mode, the 2-Channel Mixer is displayed. You can verify these settings by going to Settings > Project Properties, clicking Edit in the Project Properties dialog box, and then clicking the Compression tab in the Edit Profile Options dialog box.
For information about using the Surround Sound Mixer, see Using the Surround Sound Mixer.
For information about using the 2-Channel Mixer, see Adjusting stereo channels.