Audio : Adjusting stereo channels
Adjusting stereo channels
In stereo files (two channels), a single waveform represents the left and right channels.
To use stereo mode
1 Go to Settings > Project Properties.
2 In the Project Properties dialog box, choose a format from the Project format drop-list.
3 Click Edit.
4 In the Edit Profile Options dialog box, click the Compression tab.
5 In the Audio format drop-list, choose Dolby Digital Audio.
6 In the Audio Settings area, choose 2/0 (L, R) from the Audio Type drop-list box.
7 Click the Sound Mixer button in the toolbar.
8 Click on the Music Track.
9 Click Play in the Options Panel.
10 Click the music note symbol in the center of the Surround Sound Mixer and adjust depending on your preferred sound position.
Note: Moving the note symbol will affect the sound coming from your preferred direction.
11 Drag Volume to adjust the volume level of the audio.