Audio : Mixing Surround Sound
Mixing Surround Sound
All audio channels in Surround Sound have a set of similar controls that you will find in the stereo configuration of this panel, plus a few more specific controls.
Six-channel VU Meter — Front Left, Front Right, Center, Sub-woofer, Surround Left, Surround Right.
Center — Controls the amount of output sound from the center speaker.
Sub-woofer — Controls the amount of low-frequency sound output.
To use Surround Sound mode
1 Go to Settings > Project Properties.
2 In the Project Properties dialog box, choose a format from the Project format drop-list.
3 Click Edit.
4 In the Edit Profile Options dialog box, click the Compression tab.
5 In the Audio format drop-list, choose Dolby Digital Audio.
6 In the Audio Settings area, choose 3/2 (L, C, R, SL, SR) from the Audio Type drop-list box.
7 Click the Sound Mixer button in the toolbar.
8 Click the music note symbol in the center of the Surround Sound Mixer. Drag it to any of the six channels depending on your sound position preference. Repeat steps 1 and 2 in using stereo mode.
9 Drag the Volume, Center and Sub-woofer sliders to adjust sound controls of your audio
Note: You can also adjust the sound position preference of your tracks in Video, Overlay and Voice. To do this, click your preferred track button and repeat steps 2 to 3.