Overlay clips : Using video masks with overlay clips
Using video masks with overlay clips
A video mask is an animated way to reveal the content of an overlay clip. It is similar to a transition in function. You can apply an existing video mask, create and import your own video mask, or import a third-party video mask.
A video mask is a creative way to reveal the underlying content.
There are many ways to make your own video masks. For example, start a new project, and from the Graphics category in the Library, add a black color swatch and a white color swatch to the Timeline. Apply a transition and match the duration to the two swatches. Save your work to a video file (such as MPEG 4, AVI, or MOV). You can then import the file as a video mask.
You can also use the Mask Creator to create video masks. For more information, see Working with the Mask Creator.
To apply a video mask to an overlay clip
1 In the Timeline, select an overlay clip.
2 Click Mask & Chroma Key in the Attribute tab.
3 Click Apply Overlay Options then choose Video Mask from the Type drop-list.
4 Select a mask.
If you want to choose a mask that you have created, you can import it by clicking the Add mask item(s) button , and browsing for the video file.
5 Watch the Preview Window to see how the new settings affect the image.
You can remove files from the video masks list by clicking the thumbnail for the mask, and clicking the Remove mask item button .
You can create a folder for video masks in the default user content folder: ...Documents/Corel VideoStudio Pro/X10.0/.