Workspace tour : Using the toolbar
Using the toolbar
The toolbar provides easy access to many editing commands. You can change your project view, zoom in and out on the Timeline, and launch different tools that can help you edit efficiently.
Storyboard View
Displays your media thumbnails in chronological order.
Timeline View
Lets you perform frame-accurate editing of your clips on separate tracks, add and position other elements such as titles, overlays, voice-over and music.
Undoes the last action.
Repeats the last action that was undone.
Record/Capture Option
Shows the Record/Capture Option panel, where you can capture videos, import files, record voice-overs and take snapshots.
Sound Mixer
Launches the Surround Sound Mixer and the multitrack Audio Timeline, which lets you customize your audio settings.
Auto Music
Launches the Auto Music Options Panel for adding background music to your project in a variety of styles and moods. You can set the music to match the duration of your project.
Track Motion
Launches the Track Motion dialog box, which lets you create tracking paths of particular elements in selected video clips.
Subtitle Editor
Launches the Subtitle Editor dialog box, which lets you detect and organize segments to easily add titles in selected video clips.
Multi-Camera Editor
Launches the Multi-Camera Editor and imports any of the selected media.
Time Remapping
Launches the Time Remapping dialog box, which lets you use speed controls to slow down, speed up, reverse, or freeze frames in a video clip.
Mask Creator
Launches the Mask Creator dialog box, which lets you create video and still masks.
Zoom in and Zoom out
Lets you adjust your view of the Timeline by using the zoom slider and buttons.
Fit Project in Timeline Window
Adjusts your project view to fit the entire span of your Timeline.
Project Duration
Shows the total duration of the project.