Shortcuts : Timeline shortcuts
Timeline shortcuts
Ctrl + A
Select all clips on the Timeline.
Single title: Select all characters in the on-screen edit mode.
Ctrl + X
Single title: Cut selected characters in the on-screen edit mode.
Shift + Click
Select multiple clips in the same track. (To select multiple clips in the Library, [Shift] + [Click] or [Ctrl] + [Click] the clips.)
Select the previous clip on the Timeline.
Select the next clip on the Timeline.
+ / -
Zoom in/out.
Ctrl + Right
Scroll forward.
Ctrl + Left
Scroll backward.
Ctrl + Up /
Page Up
Scroll up.
Ctrl + Down /
Page Down
Scroll down.
Move to the start of the Timeline.
Move to the end of the Timeline.
Ctrl + H
The previous segment.
Ctrl + E
The next segment.