Edit media : Time remapping
Time remapping
Play with speed with easy-to-use controls that let you add slow motion or high speed effects, freeze the action, or reverse and replay scenes in your video. All the tools you need for speed effects have been consolidated in one place.
The Time Remapping dialog box includes familiar playback and trim controls, as well as a thumbnail area that displays each change made with the speed controls.
The Time Remapping dialog box
To change the playback speed, freeze, or reverse video footage
1 In the Timeline view (Edit workspace), right-click the clip you want to work with, and choose Time Remapping from the context menu.
2 In the Time Remapping window, scrub through the video to figure out where you want to change the speed of playback, reverse the action, or add one or more freeze frames.
3 Click the Play button or drag the scrubber to the position you want, and click the Mark In button and Mark Out button to choose a segment of the clip that you want to work with. A white line indicates a marked segment of the clip.
Note: The playback controls let you navigate the original version of the clip.
4 Do any of the following:
Click the Speed button , and drag the slider to set the speed for the selected segment. Dragging to the right increases the speed; dragging to the left slows the speed.
If you want to gradually apply the speed change, you can mark the Ease in and Ease out check boxes.
Note: The audio is removed when you change the speed of a clip.
Click the Reverse button , and type a repetition value in the time(s).
5 To freeze a frame, click any point along the timeline that doesn’t have a white line (cannot freeze a frame in a section that has been reversed or has had the speed changed), click the Freeze Frame button , and type the number of seconds for the frame duration.
6 To verify the changes you’ve applied, review the thumbnails that appear below the playback controls. An icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnails indicates which type of speed control has been applied (note that speed change uses different icons—a turtle to indicate slow motion; a rabbit to indicate faster speed).
Click the Play the time remapping result button to play the result.
If you want to remove a segment or freeze a frame, click the corresponding thumbnail, and click the Remove selected clips button
7 Click OK to return to the Edit workspace.