Titles and subtitles : Applying text effects and animation
Applying text effects and animation
Apply motion to your text using title animation tools, such as Fade, Moving Path, and Drop. You can also apply filters to your text using preset Title Effects such as Bubble, Mosaic, and Ripple. The title filters are in a separate Title Effects category.
To apply animation to the current text
1 In the Title Track, double-click a title.
2 In the Options area, click the Attribute tab.
3 Enable the Animation option, and mark the Apply check box.
4 Select a category from the Select the type of animation drop-list and select the specific preset animation from the box under Apply.
5 Click the Customize animation attributes button to open a dialog box where you can specify animation attributes.
6 In some animation effects, you can drag the Pause duration handles that appear in the Navigation area of the Player panel to specify how long the text will pause after it enters and before it exits the screen.
Pause duration handles
To apply title filters to the current text
1 In the Library, click Filter and choose Title Effects in the Gallery drop-list. The Library displays the thumbnails of various filters under the Title Effects category.
2 Drag the filter thumbnail from the Library onto your clip in the Timeline.
Note: By default, the filter applied to a clip is always replaced with the new filter dragged onto the clip. In the Attribute tab of the Options Panel, clear Replace last filter to apply multiple filters to a single title.
3 To customize the title filter, in the Options area, click the Attribute tab, and do one of the following:
Click a thumbnail in the drop-list to the left of Customize Filter.
Click Customize Filter. Available options depend on the selected filter.
Note: When there is more than one title filter applied to a clip, you can change the order of filters by clicking the Move filter up arrow or Move filter down arrow that appear to the right of the filter list on the Attributes tab. Changing the order of the title filters will have different effects on your clip.