Live screen capture : Starting a screen capture project
Starting a screen capture project
To open the Live Screen Capture window
You can do one of the following options:
In the Capture workspace, click Live Screen Capture to launch the Screen Capture toolbar. The Corel VideoStudio main program window minimizes in the background and the Live Screen Capture toolbar appears.
Click Screen Capture from Record/Capture Option .
Select Live Screen Capture from the programs list in the Start menu or click the program tile on the Start screen.
The capture area frame automatically covers the entire screen by default and appears along with the Live Screen Capture toolbar.
Screen Capture toolbar basics
1 — Capture area frame
Specifies the display area to capture (blue outline with nodes). This covers the entire screen by default.
2 — Recording Controls
Contains the buttons that control your screen capture.
3 — Capture area frame dimensions
Specifies the active program to capture and the exact dimensions of the area to capture in the Width and Height boxes.
4 — Settings (default view)
Lets you specify file, audio, display and keyboard shortcut settings.