Edit media : Using Split by Scene
Using Split by Scene
Use the Split by Scene feature in the Edit workspace to detect different scenes in a video file and automatically break it down into several clip files.
The way Corel VideoStudio detects scenes depends on the type of video file. In a captured DV AVI file, scenes can be detected in two ways:
DV Recording Time Scan detects scenes according to their shooting date and time.
Frame Content detects content changes, such as motion change, camera shifting, brightness change, etc., and splits them into separate files.
In an MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 file, scenes can only be detected based on content changes (i.e., by Frame Content).
To use Split by Scene on a DV AVI or MPEG file
1 In the Edit workspace, select a captured DV AVI file or an MPEG file on the Timeline.
2 Click Options and click the Split by Scene button in the Options panel. This will open the Scenes dialog box.
3 Choose your preferred scan method (DV Recording Time Scan or Frame Content).
4 Click Options. In the Scene Scanning Sensitivity dialog box, drag the slider to set the Sensitivity level. A higher value means more precision in the scene detection.
5 Click OK.
6 Click Scan. Corel VideoStudio then scans through the video file and lists all the detected scenes.
You may merge some of the detected scenes into a single clip. Simply select all the scenes that you want to join together then click Join. The plus sign (+) and a number indicates how many scenes are merged into that particular clip. Click Split to undo any Join actions that you have done.
7 Click OK to split the video.