Organize and find media : Sorting, viewing, and filtering clips in the Library
Sorting, viewing, and filtering clips in the Library
There are different ways to sort, view, and filter your media clips in the Library:
Sort media by properties such as name, file type, date, and resolution.
View media as thumbnails or as a list that includes details about the files.
Filter media by hiding or showing media by type—photos, videos, and audio
To sort media clips
Click the Sort clips in the Library button , and select a Sort by property in the menu.
To change the media clips view
Click the List view button to display your media clips in a list that includes file properties, or click the Thumbnail view button to display thumbnails.
If you want to sort the media clips in List view, click a property title, such as Name, Type, or Date.
You can also click the Show/Hide title button to show or hide the file names of the media clips.
List view shows properties such as file name, media type, date, duration, resolution, frames per second (FPS), and codecs.
To show or hide media clips
Click one or more of the following buttons:
Show / Hide Videos
Show / Hide Photos
Show / Hide Audio Files
To change the Library panel view
You can use the icons in the Library panel to display Instant Project templates, transitions, titles, graphics, filters, and tracking paths.