Burn discs : Saving a project to disc
Saving a project to disc
To output your project to a disc
1 On the Share workspace, click the Disc button.
2 Choose one of the following output formats:
SD Card
A new window appears where you can customize the disc output.
1 — Jog Slider
Lets you jump to specific scenes.
2 — Mark-in/Mark-out
Sets a preview range in the project, or sets the start and end points for trimming a clip.
3 — Settings and options
Lets you access the Preferences dialog box and the Disc Template Manager.
4 — Project Settings
Lets you determine how your movie project is rendered when you preview it.
5 — Change display aspect ratio
Lets you select between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.
6 — Navigation panel
Provides buttons for playback.
7 — Close button
Closes the Create Disc dialog box and opens the Save As dialog box.
8 — Media Clip List
Displays the added media clips as thumbnails.
Even if you have not saved your VideoStudio Pro project as a *.vsp file, it can be brought into the Create Disc dialog box for burning.
Imported videos are automatically adjusted to the correct aspect ratio (as specified in the Disc Templates Manager dialog box), and are letterboxed or pillarboxed to fit the correct aspect ratio.
To save a disc output project
1 On the disc output window, click the Close button.
The Save As window opens.
2 In the File name box, type a file name.
3 In the Save in drop-list, select a file location.
4 In the Save as type drop-list, select a file format.
You can select a file format that is compatible with earlier versions of VideoStudio.
5 Click Save.
Note: A check mark on the disc format button indicates that the disc project has been saved. Click the previously selected disc format button to continue the disc output process. You can also edit the disc project at a later time. Click File > Open Project and select your saved VideoStudio Pro project file (*.vsp).