Welcome : Preparing for video editing
Preparing for video editing
Video editing tasks require a lot of computer resources. Your computer must be properly set up to ensure successful capturing and smooth video editing. Below are some tips on how to prepare and optimize your computer before you launch Corel VideoStudio.
It is recommended that you close other applications when working with Corel VideoStudio. To avoid interruptions while capturing, it is best to turn off any automatically launched software.
If you have two hard drives in your system, it is recommended that you install Corel VideoStudio to your system drive (usually C:) and store captured videos on your other drive.
It is recommended that you store video files on a dedicated hard drive.
Increase the Paging File (Swap File) size to twice your amount of RAM.
When you are in Corel VideoStudio, you can choose settings that let you balance the quality of the playback and the speed of the application. For example, is your playback fast but fuzzy? Or is your playback too slow? The tips below can help you find the right settings in Corel VideoStudio.
Clearer, higher quality playback is available if your computer system meets or exceeds the recommended system requirements. You can work with HD projects and you can preview your project in HD. For more information, see Setting project properties and Previewing your project or clips.
To speed up less powerful systems, consider using Smart Proxy and review the hardware acceleration options. For more information, see Using Smart Proxy for a faster, smoother editing experience and Hardware acceleration.