Edit media : Modifying video playback speed
Modifying video playback speed
You can modify the playback speed of your videos. Set your video in slow motion to emphasize a movement, or set it to play at lightning speed and give your movie a comical air. You can also use this feature to achieve time-lapse and strobe effects on your videos and photos.
You can also make quick and basic speed adjustments in the Time Remapping dialog box. For more information, see
To adjust the speed and time-lapse attributes of your video clip
1 In the Edit workspace, click Options, and click Speed/Time-lapse in the Options panel.
2 In New clip duration, specify a set duration for your video clip.
Note: If you want to maintain the original duration of your clip, do not change the original value.
3 In Frame Frequency, specify the number of frames to be removed at regular intervals during video playback.
Note: A higher value entered in Frame Frequency will produce a more noticeable time-lapse effect on your video. Otherwise, maintain the value at 0 to retain all frames in your video clip.
4 Drag the Speed slider according to your preferences (i.e., slow, normal or fast), or enter a value.
Note: The higher the value you set, the faster the playback of your clip. (Values range from 10-1000%).
5 Click Preview to view the results of your settings.
6 Click OK.
To apply Time-lapse/Strobe effects on your photos
1 Click File > Insert Media File to Timeline > Insert Photo for Time-lapse/Strobe.
2 Browse for the photos you want to include in your project and click Open.
Note: It is recommended to choose a series of photos taken in succession with your DSLR.
3 Specify the number of frames to be retained and removed in Keep and Drop.
Note: For example, you enter a value of 1 in Keep and 3 in Drop. This means that it will follow the interval to retain one frame and remove three frames for the set of photos selected.
4 In Frame duration, specify the exposure time for each frame.
5 Use the playback controls to preview the effect of the frame settings on your photos.
6 Click OK.
If the value of Frame Frequency is more than 1 and clip duration is the same, Strobe effect will be produced. If the value of Frame Frequency is more than 1 and clip duration is shortened, Time-lapse effect will be produced.
Hold [Shift] then drag the end of the clip on the Timeline to change the playback speed.
The black arrow means you are trimming or extending the clip, while the white arrow means that you are changing the playback speed.
To adjust the variable speed attributes of your video clip
1 In the Edit workspace, click Options, and click Variable Speed in the Options panel.
2 Drag the Scrubber to the points where you want to add key frames.
3 Click Add key frame to set the frame as a key frame in the clip. You can change the playback speed at each key frame.
4 To increase or decrease the speed, click the buttons or enter a value in Speed.
You can also drag the slider from Slow to Normal or Fast.
5 Click the Play button to preview the effect.
6 Click OK when finished.
You can add variety to your project by modifying the playback speed of a clip at different intervals.
Setting the variable speed removes the audio of the video clip.
To reverse video playback
Click Reverse video in the Options Panel.