Learning resources : Using the Help system
Using the Help system
The Help that is available from within the program is the most comprehensive source of information for Corel VideoStudio. The Help system provides two ways to find information. You can choose a topic from the Contents page, or use the Search page to search for specific words and phrases. You can also print topics from the Help.
An Internet connection is required to view the Help. If you work offline on a regular basis, you can download a PDF copy of the information (Help > User Guide (PDF)).
To use the Help system
1 Do one of the following:
Click Help > Help topics.
Press F1.
2 In the Help window, click one of the following tabs:
Contents — lets you browse through topics in the Help
Search — lets you search the full text of the Help for a particular word or phrase (enclosed in quotation marks). For example, if you are looking for information about a specific tool or command, you can type the name of the tool or command, such as Trimming, to display a list of relevant topics.