Titles and subtitles : Formatting text
Formatting text
You can format your text by changing the font, text alignment, and text direction. For example, the text direction can be set for left-to-right, right-to-left or vertical. You can also add borders and shadows, or rotate the text. Add a text backdrop to superimpose your text on a solid or gradient shape to make it stand out. You can also define how long a title clip appears by adjusting the title clip duration.
Text direction is one of many formatting settings for titles.
To edit titles
1 In the Timeline, select the title clip on the Title Track and click the Preview Window to enable title editing.
2 Modify the properties of the title clip by using the different options in the Edit and Attribute tabs of the Options Panel.
If you plan to change the text direction, it’s best to set this before you start to type.
To rotate text in the Preview Window
1 In the Title Track, double-click a title.
2 In the Preview Window, yellow and purple handles appear around the text.
3 Click and drag a purple handle to the position you want.
You can also rotate text using the Options Panel. In the Edit tab, specify a value in Rotate by degree to apply a more precise angle of rotation.
To add a text backdrop
1 Enable the Text backdrop check box.
2 Click the Customize text backdrop attributes button to open the Text Backdrop dialog box.
3 Choose the Solid background bar or Fit with text option.
If you choose Fit with text, choose a shape from the drop-list and set a value in the Enlarge box.
4 In the Color setting area, choose the Solid or Gradient option, and click the color swatch to set the background color.
5 If you choose Gradient, click an arrow button to set the direction of the gradient and click the second color swatch to set a second color.
6 In the Transparency box, enter a value. Higher numbers increase the transparency.
7 Click OK.
To modify text border, transparency, and add shadows
Click the Border/Shadow/Transparency button and set attributes using the Border/Shadow/Transparency dialog box.
To apply a title preset
1 Click the Title clip on the Timeline and then double-click the title on the Preview Window.
2 In the Edit tab, click the Title Preset Style drop-list and click a thumbnail to apply the effect.
To adjust the duration of title clips
Do one of the following:
In the Timeline, drag the handles of the clip
Select the clip in the Timeline, open the Options Panel, click the Edit tab, and enter a value in the Duration box.