Edit media : Enhancing clips
Enhancing clips
Corel VideoStudio lets you improve the appearance of a video or image clip by adjusting its current properties.
To adjust color and brightness
1 Select the video or image clip to enhance on the Timeline.
2 Drag the sliders to adjust the Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast or Gamma of the clip.
3 Watch the Preview Window to see how the new settings affect the image.
Note: Double-click the appropriate slider to reset the original color setting of the clip.
To adjust the tone quality of your video or image clips
1 In the Edit workspace, click Options and click Color Correction in the Options panel.
2 Click Auto Tone Adjustment.
Note: You can indicate if you want the clip as Brightest, Brighter, Normal, Darker or Darkest by clicking the Auto Tone Adjustment drop-list.
To resize or distort a clip
1 Select a clip in the Video Track then click the Attribute tab in the Options panel.
2 Check the Distort clip option box. The yellow handles will appear. Do any of the following steps:
Drag yellow handles at the corners to resize the clip proportionally (A).
Drag yellow handles at the sides to resize without maintaining proportions (B).
Drag the green handles at the corners to skew the clip (C).