FastFlick : Editing titles (FastFlick)
Editing titles (FastFlick)
FastFlick templates have built-in title clips. You can replace the placeholder text with your own text, change the font style and color, and even add effects such as shadow and transparency.
To edit a title
1 On the Add Your Media tab, drag the Scrubber to the part of the movie clip marked with a purple bar.
This activates the Edit Title button .
2 Click the Edit Title button or double-click the title on the Preview Window.
3 To change the font style, select a font from the Font drop-list.
4 To change the font color, click the Color button and click a color swatch.
You can also launch the Corel Color Picker or the Windows Color Picker by clicking the option from the list.
5 To add a shadow, enable the Shadow check box.
6 To change the shadow color, click the Color button below the check box and click a color swatch or launch a Color Picker.
7 To adjust transparency, click the Transparency down arrow and drag the slider.
You can also click inside the Transparency box and type a new value.
8 To move the title, drag the text box to its new position on the screen.
9 To finish editing a title, click outside the text box.
Corel VideoStudio offers extended title editing capabilities. To edit titles in Corel VideoStudio after you finish your project in FastFlick, click the Save and Share tab and click Edit in VideoStudio.