Project basics : Creating new projects and opening projects
Creating new projects and opening projects
When you start Corel VideoStudio, it automatically opens a new project and lets you start creating your movie. New projects are always based on the default settings of the application. You can also create HTML5 projects that you can post on the Web.
You can open previously saved projects and if you’d like to combine several projects, you can add previously saved projects to a new project.
To create a new project
Click File >New Project [Ctrl + N].
To create a new HTML5 project
Click File > New HTML5 Project [Ctrl + M].
To create a new FastFlick project
1 Click Tools > FastFlick.
2 From the FastFlick window, click Menu > New Project.
For more information, see FastFlick.
To open an existing project
Click File > Open Project [Ctrl + O].
To add an existing project to a new project
1 In the Library, click the Media button .
2 Drag a project file (.vsp) from the Library to the Timeline.
If the file isn’t in the Library, click the Import Media Files button, navigate to a project file (stored in My Projects folder by default), select the file, and click Open.
All tracks, media, and elements of the project appear in the Timeline.
Before you import a project (VSP file) to the Library, ensure that all links in the project are working. Projects with linking issues cannot be added to existing projects.
If you want to flatten the project to add it to a specific track, press and hold the Shift key before you release the mouse button.