Save and share : Creating 3D video files
Creating 3D video files
Corel VideoStudio lets you create 3D video files or convert regular 2D video to 3D video files. It’s important to refer to the instructions for your 3D playback device so that you know what type of files and equipment you’ll need for viewing your 3D video. For example, you might require only generic red and blue glasses (anaglyph) or you might require special polarized glasses to view a polarized TV screen.
To create 3D video files
1 In the Share workspace, click the 3D Movie button .
2 Click one of the following buttons:
3 In the Profile or Format drop-list, choose an option.
If you want to create a custom profile, click the Create Custom Profile button . For more information, see Working with custom profiles in the Share workspace.
4 Choose one of the following 3D conversion options:
Anaglyph — Requires only the red and blue generic anaglyph 3D glasses to view 3D video without the need for special display monitors.
Side-by-side — Requires polarized 3D glasses and a compatible polarized display monitor to view 3D video.
5 In the File name box, type a file name.
6 In the File location box, specify the location where you want to save the file.
7 Set any of the following options:
Create Preview Range Only — renders only the section of video that is selected between the Trim Markers in the Player panel.
Enable Smart Render — analyzes a video for any previously rendered sections and renders only the new or revised sections. This can reduce rendering time significantly.
8 Click Start.
Press the [Esc] key to cancel the rendering process.
A progress bar appears when you render a video. You can use the buttons on the progress bar to do the following:
Click the Pause/Play button on the progress bar to pause and resume the rendering process.
Click the playback button to enable the preview while rendering or stop the preview to reduce rendering time.
The rendering progress bar