Stop motion animation : Capturing stop motion images in Corel VideoStudio
Capturing stop motion images in Corel VideoStudio
To capture images
1 Connect the webcam, DV/HDV camcorder or DSLR to your computer.
2 A message box appears to confirm that you want to use the device. Click OK.
3 If more than one device is connected, select your preferred capture device from the drop-list.
4 Modify any of the Stop motion settings.
5 Click Capture image to capture images manually.
Stop motion settings tab
Image Duration — Lets you choose the exposure time for each image. A higher frame rate results in a shorter exposure time for each image.
Capture Resolution — Lets you adjust the screen capture quality. Options vary according to the settings on your capture device.
Auto Capture — You can click Enable auto capture to configure the program to capture automatically using preset intervals. Click the Set Time button to adjust the Capture Frequency and Total Capture Duration settings.
Onion Skin — Lets you move the slider from left to right to control the opacity of the new captured image and the previously captured frame. Captured frames automatically appear in the Stop Motion timeline.
To capture images using a webcam or DV/HDV camcorder
1 If you are using a DV/HDV camcorder, switch it to Play/Edit mode and make sure that your DV/HDV camcorder is switched to DV/HDV mode.
2 In Record mode, move your subject between each capture to show movement in the images.
3 If you are using footage from a DV/HDV camcorder, you can make screen captures during video playback.
To capture images using a DSLR
1 When a supported DSLR is connected, the Auto Focus button will be enabled automatically. You can choose to keep this setting or click the Manual Focus button .
Note: If the DSLR does not support Auto Focus, the Manual Focus button will be enabled automatically and the Auto Focus button will be grayed out.
2 You can enable the live view focus display on supported DSLRs by clicking the Show focus button .
3 Modify any of the following DSLR settings: ISO, White Balance, Ev, Metering Mode and Image Quality. Corel VideoStudio uses the DSLR settings for Mode, Aperture and Shutter Speed.
4 You can switch to the Enlarged mode by clicking the Enlarge button