DV-to-DVD Wizard : Applying templates and burning to DVDs
Applying templates and burning to DVDs
Choose a style template, specify settings, and burn your movies to DVD.
To apply a style template and burn to DVD
1 Specify a volume name and recording format for your movie.
Note: If you have more than one burner installed on your computer, or if the default drive is not a burner, specify the burner that you want to use in the Advanced Settings dialog box.
2 Choose a style template from one of the available presets to apply to your movie, and then select the output video quality.
3 To customize the theme template text, click Edit Title.
4 In the Begin tab of the Edit Template Title dialog box, double-click the text that you want to modify. You can also modify attributes such as font, color or shadow settings.
5 Click the End tab to modify the text. Click OK.
6 To mark your video clips with date information, click Add as title in Video date information. Select Entire video if you want the video to appear from beginning to end, or specify the duration.
7 Click the Burn button to burn your movie file to a disc.
Note: If the movie is too big to fit onto a DVD, click Fit & Burn.