Timeline : Adding and swapping tracks
Adding and swapping tracks
The Track Manager allows you to take more control of the Timeline. You can have up to 20 Overlay tracks, two Title tracks, and eight Music tracks.
In an HTML5 project, you can have up to three Background tracks, 18 Overlay tracks, two Title tracks, and three Music tracks.
There is only one Video track and one Voice track.
You can also insert and delete additional overlay, title, and music tracks, as well as swap overlay tracks directly in the Timeline.
To add tracks with the Track Manager
1 Click Track Manager on the Toolbar.
2 Specify the number of tracks you want to display from the drop-down list for each track.
Click Set as Default to save current settings as defaults for all new projects.
You can also reduce the number of optional tracks that you have added by adjusting the Track Manager settings
To insert or delete tracks in the Timeline
1 In the Timeline, right-click a track button for a track type that you want to insert or delete, and choose one of the following menu commands:
Insert Track Above — Inserts a track above the selected track
Insert Track Below — Inserts a track below the selected track
Delete Track — Removes the track from the Timeline
A track of the same type is inserted or the selected track is removed.
The menu items listed above appear only if the action is permitted. For example, Delete Track is not available if you have not added optional tracks in the project. Similarly, if you already have the maximum number of tracks for the selected track type, the insert track menu commands do not display.
To swap Overlay tracks
1 Right-click on an Overlay track button and select Swap Tracks.
2 Choose the corresponding Overlay track that you want to swap.
All media in the selected Overlay tracks swap.
This feature only works if you are working on projects with multiple Overlay Tracks.