Audio : Adding audio files
Adding audio files
You can add audio files to your project in any of the following ways:
Add audio files to the Library from a local or network drive. (Triple Scoop royalty-free music is included in the Library).
Rip audio from CD
Record a voice-over clip
Use Auto Music
Note: You can also extract audio from a video file.
To add an audio file to the Library
Click the Import Media Files button to browse for audio files in your computer.
After you import audio files to the Library, you can add them to your project by dragging them from the Library to the Timeline.
To add voice-over narration
1 Move the Scrubber to the section of the video where you want to insert your voice-over.
2 In Timeline view, click the Record/Capture Option button and select Voice-over. The Adjust Volume dialog box appears.
Note: The program prompts you when there is an existing voice-over clip at the current project cue position. Make sure that a clip is not selected by clicking on an empty area in the Timeline.
3 Speak into the microphone and check if the meter responds accordingly. You can use the Windows audio mixer to adjust the level of the microphone.
4 Click Start and begin speaking into the microphone.
5 Press [Esc] or [Space] to end recording.
6 The best way to record narrations is to do the recording in 10 to 15-second sessions. This makes it easier to remove a badly recorded narration and redo it. To remove, just select the clip on the Timeline and press [Delete].
To import music from an audio CD
1 In Timeline view, click the Record/Capture Option button and click Import from audio CD.
The Rip CD Audio dialog box appears.
2 Select the tracks to be imported in the Track List.
3 Click Browse and select the destination folder where the imported files will be saved.
4 Click Rip to start importing the audio tracks.